Meyer Pharmacy is currently offering all vaccines for initial courses and bivalent booster doses:

  1. Pfizer mRNA Adult & Pediatric = 5-11 year olds; requires 2 appointments. Second shot in series is 3 weeks after first dose.
  2. Moderna mRNA = Requires 2 appointments. Second shot in series is 4 weeks after first dose.
  3.  J&J = Single vaccination.
  4. Novavax = Ages 12+; requires 2 appointments. Second shot in series is 3 weeks after first dose.

Online appointments (buttons below) are open 24/7 to schedule your vaccine and boosters. We are requiring appointments for all COVID vaccinations. Thank you! 


Current Booster Info

Booster vaccines are available for anyone 5 and older. For ages 5-11 you must wait 6 months from an initial Pfizer. For those 12 years and up you are eligible for the newly release bivalent booster after 2 months from your last dose.


When can I get the vaccine?

We are currently vaccinating! Appointments are available via our online scheduling tool above or just stop in during our open hours.

Who is eligible?

Anyone 5 years old and up.

Can I get my vaccine at Meyer Pharmacy?

Yes. We are registered as an approved vaccination site and are currently vaccinating. Book an appointment via our online scheduler.

Which vaccine will Meyer Pharmacy provide?

We have had all three available vaccines however availability changes.

Is there a cost for the COVID vaccine?

There is no cost to you for receiving the vaccine. We do need to know if you have health insurance as there is a fee for the administration and reporting. We will bill your insurance for that fee. If you have no insurance, we will still provide the vaccine free of charge. We will need a government issued ID.


Bivalent booster vaccines are available for anyone 5 and older. It must be 2 months since your last dose of vaccine. This is not limited to certain medical conditions, anyone 5 and older is eligible for a bivalent booster dose. Pfizer boosters are available for anyone 5 and older while Moderna boosters are available for anyone 6 and older.  You may receive Pfizer or Moderna regardless of your previous vaccination choice. Please schedule an appointment to receive any of the available vaccines.

See CDC recommendations here:

In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we would like all patients to follow these suggestions.

  • If you are experiencing signs and symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, fever, shortness of breath) please do not enter the pharmacy if possible. You may call our Curbside Service directly at 319-352-5990, or our general number at 319-352-3120. Park anywhere in our lot and we will bring your completed prescription out to you. This service is available to everyone!
  • Prescription delivery is also available, though be aware this service is not immediate. Your quickest option is to utilize curbside service.
  • Prescription delivery will be modified so that we leave prescriptions in a safe location at your door but we must be assured you will retrieve it shortly. Payment options are via credit/debit card, check, exact cash, or store charge account if you have made arrangements.
  • We continue to be open for business and are making every effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19 while maintaining access to vital medications.
  • Within the pharmacy, we are sanitizing all patient areas every 2 hours and monitoring the health of staff members.
  • Please understand that requests for early medication refills can be complex. There are insurance limits and prescription authorization limits that can affect our ability to provide these supplies. We will make extra effort to fulfill your request but please understand we must give priority to providing urgent need medications. Staff is working hard to maintain a high service level while also dealing with COVID constraints.
  • Please utilize our many technology solutions for prescription refills: our automated refill phone service or download our enhanced RxLocal app via the App Store or Google Play. The app also has messaging capability.

We understand this is a trying time for everyone and we will do our best to meet your needs while limiting the spread of COVID-19. Thanks for your support!

We recommend the CDC as the best source of information on the virus: